Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Heart Day!

There comes a point in life where things are just good. I am at that point. I really enjoy my role in life right now. I will be honest I usually dread Valentines Day but this year I was really excited to celebrate the people I love and enjoy the love that people give to me. My kids were so excited about Valentines this year and they invited the kids in the life skills class to come and join us at our party. It was so cute to see them interact with them and my sweet little Maddy said "Miss Edwards did you see how happy they were when we gave them our Valentines?" It melted my heart. That is what Valentines is all about.
On Valentines Day I got up and did my work out with Heidi, took lunch to a friend, had lunch with my bff, then played some tetris with Heidi. I got my butt kicked but I love that game so much it didn't matter. That night Jay and Heidi made Katy and I an amazing dinner. It was amazing and I felt loved. No Valentines is complete without my flowers from dad. It was a great day.
Mae was dancing to her Tinkerbell song. It was so cute.
Mae checking out her sweet Valentine gifts. It was a lovely day!


The Standrings said...

yeah for an update! i'm glad you had a good valentine's!

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