Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tag your it again!

My friend Emily tagged me last week and I just remembered so I thought I better do it! Thanks Em! Here it is, luckily for me it is rather short.

5 places I go over and over- My classroom, the bathroom, J Dawgs, Heidi and Jayson's house, Walmart

5 people who email me regularly- my dad (forwards) the activities person from my ward, facebook, google reader,

5 favorite places to eat- CPK, Carrabbas, Bajio, my house, Pita Pit

5 places I would rather be- Disneyland, Oregon, in a cabin in the woods, Bear Lake, Kentucky

5 TV shows I watch all the time- Lost, Biggest Loser, John and Kate plus 8, Arrested Development, Food Network Channel

And the 5 peeps that I tag . . . Ashlee, Karissa, Amy, Alisa, Kate