Friday, June 27, 2008

Farewell to June

I cant believe that the month is over here are a ton of pictures to show you a little of what I have been up too!
Laura and Zach came to visit. We had a great time!
On Teresa's birthday we called everyone in the family and got a list of all the things we love about her and we heart attacked her house. ( got to love keyless entry) It was quite fun.
While we were waiting for her to come home we had some fun outside. (for the sake of Heidi and Katy I will not post the pictures of both of them losing to me)
Can you tell who one?

Shh.....don't let Aunt Teresa hear you ( what we should have told Mae was dont let her see you and you run down the hall!)
J Dawgs also had a small birthday party with hundreds of guests and cupcakes for all!Still looks like he loves it!

Heidi and I took Mae to Veterans Memorial pool. We had a great time. Mae is quite the fish.
Bathing Beauty
Flag retirement ceremony. It was really awesome. I can't wait to go again next year.
Aunts day out! Katy and I took Haylee and Mae to Kangaroo Zoo. We had lunch and ice cream. It was really fun.
Ready to go home after working and playing so hard!Later that day we went to hear Katy sing in a contest. She rocked. You can listen to her sing here I looked over and Heidi was crying. (does not happen very often)
Waiting for the winners to be announced........
Who is more excited to hear that she won? Katy or Teresa?

Mae was happy too.

Watch out Aunt Katy I am the next star in this family! Stay tuned for the next installment. Prepare to be amazed.


heidizinha said...

there are more pictures of mae than you on YOUR blog.

i'm on my way to get you....


Cami said...

These pictures are so cute! I love your haircut! It is fabulous! It sounds like you're having a fun summer.

Ashlee said...

Great pictures! Looks like you have been very busy. Thats fun that you got to see Laura please tell her hello from me, I haven't talked to her in FOREVER!

P.S. You look great!

Scotty and Deb said...

I love your blog... it looks like you are having a fun summer. Well, I am off to do some last minute Girl's Camp packing... 1700 meals to go! Dad.

Em and Jorg said...

Looks like you're adjusting to the summer life of a teacher! So, did you guys run the 10K? I was meeting my brothers and dad for the 5K. We were way late and even missed the timer. But we ran anyway. It was a lot of fun. It was fun yelling to you from my car! HI JOY!!!