Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Men In My Life...

Now I know that some of you might have just got really excited but I am not going to make any important announcements. Well, I am but not what you were thinking. I am talking about my dad and my brothers. They are all very important to me and I just wanted to share some thoughts about each of them.
First My Dad:
Honestly, I don't remember a time when I did not adore my dad. I remember waiting for him everyday on the porch or at the front window. I would wait to see his work car come down the street run out to the curb and greet him with a hug and kiss. My dad always makes sure his kids are taken care of especially his girls. He is thoughtful and always makes sure he sends me flowers on Valentines day. Even on my mission! He is the best! I really don't know of anyone who is a better friend, as willing to sacrifice, or as thoughtful as my dad.
I don't know how many times I have called me dad crying about something, knowing he is in another state and can't really do anything about it but he still listens anyway before he lovingly says, "Let me get your mom." Thanks dad! I love you! I hope you have a great fathers day. Even though Jayson reminded me that I stink because I didnt get my card in the mail and he did therefore keeping his "spot" I really am thinking about you and your secret is safe with me we all know who your favorite really is!
My Four Brothers: This lovely picture of Ryan and Tyler really says it all.
Tyler is a goof ball but has a great heart. He loves to make people smile and is fun to be around. I am pretty sure he is going to be a great dad. Ryan has this adorable little girl:
Haylee loves her daddy! He is so sweet and gentle with her. She adores him and he adores her. It is pretty cute. Speaking of pretty cute check these guys out:
Mae also loves her daddy! She loves to go the shack and help dad out. Here Mae is sporting her hot dog shirt and helping to pass out cupcakes for the shacks 4th birthday! Jayson is patient and loving with Mae. Now that leaves Brandyn! Brandyn has three active little boys who also love to be with him. Brandyn always finds the time to take the boys fishing or out to play ball. I love to watch them all together. It is really cute. For some reason the computer will not upload the picture of them. So I will keep trying and get it up later.
Anyway, I am so thankful for all the great examples in my life. I hope that my husband will live up to the these expectations. Seriously, if he does he will be one great guy. Love you all!


Lemme said...

TENDER!!! Can't live with 'em...can't live without 'em!!

Scotty and Deb said...

Joy- That was better than a card could ever be. I love being your Dad... Thanks for the tribute. You are a great teacher and your kids will never forget you... you will always be their favorite. Just take time and enjoy your summer... you have earned it. I can't wait until we can get together again. Love ya to the moon and back! Dad.

Kris and Kally said...

your family rocks! but not as much as you! I love you! Miss you!