Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another one bites the dust!

About three weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the sealing of one of my best friends, Kira. Kira and I were missionary companions for six months. We got to know each other really, really well. I love her and it was so much fun to be at her wedding. It was a great day. My parents were here and my dad took her pictures. It was a really long day but a wonderful day. These are some of the shots I took on my camera.
This is what we looked like as we first came out of the temple. Happy and smiling. This is what we looked like after waiting over an hour for Kira to come out. I still think she may have been showering or something.
Finally the happy couple came out! Mr. and Mrs. Jackson! Yeah!
We were the foursome of our mission. We all served with each other all in the same rockin city of Bardstown, Kentucky! Yeah for us!
A whole table of sisters at the reception. I served with all but two of these lovely ladies.


Em and Jorg said...

You served in Kentucky?? No way! I know a bunch of people who served there in 2002-ish. I know lots of stories. Cool mission!

Miriam said...

hello the entry and the new background...kira looks fabulous...and so do you :) skinny mini i can tell it's coming off!

Megan said...

This picture makes me laugh. I was sad all weekend that I wasn't in Colorado with you.