Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tag I'm it!

So.... I was tagged about a month ago by Heidi and then a few weeks ago by Shareka so I guess I better give this a go!

10 years ago.... I was 15! I don't really remember much as to what I was doing. I think that this is the year I started tutoring Emerson. Emerson is the sweetest boy I know. He has autism and is one of my favorite people! I tutored him for 5 wonderful years.

Five things on my to do list today.... well, the fact that it is 11:00pm the list is short. I need to finish this, take the clothes off my bed, put on my pj's, brush teeth, get in bed and sleep!

Snacks I enjoy... fruit, pretzels, gummy bears,popcorn, ice cream.

If i suddenly became a billionaire.... I would buy a car from this decade, buy a house with a home theater and all the movies still on my want list. I would also buy a home gym. With the left over billions I would buy things for my friends and family and give to different charities.

5 bad habits..... biting my nails, popping my knuckles, impulse buying of movies! saying yes to everyone, and snacking!

5 jobs I have had... tutor for Emerson, mail girl at Helaman Halls, Jdawgs employee of the universe, and first grade teacher.

5 things most people don't know about me....
1) the clothes in my closet are hung by color
2) I think squirel tastes like chicken
3) I went into teaching so that I could eventually teach special education. However, BYU changed their program while I was on my mission and I just wanted to be done. I love what I am doing now but would also love to go back to school and do special ed
4) I used to suck on rocks when I was little because I like the way dirt tastes. I also love the way it smells after it rains. ahhhh dirt!
5) Singing is one of my favorite things to do. Especially when no one is home or I am in the shower!


Lemme said...

you are funny! you really should go back to school. you could get a job anyway...i think alpine gives you a few years to become endorsed. then you go back to school and in the program you'll be known as a "post-bac". speds ROCK!!!

Em and Jorg said...

SO, you say 'yes' to everyone? Hmmmm...the possibilities..!

Jason and Kate said...

You are hilarious! Are you sure you didn't want to go into teaching because of your fabulous roommate? lol

Amy Jorgensen said...

squirrel? Really? I'm assuming this was on the mish? Or do Scott and Deb cook up a mean Oregonian squirrel soup? (that was a joke). I've had "mystery meat" on the mish...never wanted to know what it was, but I think at least once it was dog -- had a Korean market next door and the woman always had some kind of stir fry hot and ready for us when we came home. The stray dogs around our apartment kept disappearing...hmmmm.

Berkley, Meredith and Tanner said...

Joy, I miss you! Looks like you're having lots of fun! We need to get in touch - it's been too long. Love you! Mer