Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dont worry about a thing....

Soooo......the basement room in my apt has a painting of Bob Marley. The other night we decided that we would just go down and have a visit with Bob. We listened to three songs and danced in the basement. It was quite fun.


heidizinha said...

joy, these posts are so fun. thank you for posting! call me and i'll teach you how to post vertical pictures.

Scotty and Deb Edwards said...

Princess Joy: I really enjoy reading your blogs... They are always so clever... you have always known how to squeeze all the fun out of life!

Mom and I are doing the same thing right now. This trip has reminded me of all the reasons I fell in love with her in the first place (besides those amazing legs!)

Thanks for sharing the pictures of Katy also.

We love you girls!


Karissa said... trying out this blog thing but i have no idea what im doing...perhaps i can come in one day and have a lesson...?

Lemme said...

you are in serious need of an update!

Campbell Family said...

joy! I am so happy I found you! I didn't know you had your own blog, so now I will check it all the time! Your dad is right, you do know how to squeeze good times out of life!! I mean, come on, Bob Marley? :) You are cool.

Lemme said...